New Day

There is something special about a new day.  The sun rises out of the darkness and the crisp morning air lets you know you have the opportunity to start again.

This past Snew-dayunday morning I heard the Holy Spirit say, “It is a new day”.  I even typed it in my notes.  After church is was even confirmed by a dear lady that shares a scripture every week with me, but this time she just pointed to the paragraph at the beginning of Genesis 1 and it was talking about God creating the day.

God is so good and gives us a new day every 24 hours. However, many of us never allow ourselves the opportunity to begin again, or take a fresh start.  We just keep going around the same rut and cycles with no end. I don’t know what season you have been in or what you are currently walking through but I believe it is time to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and reopen them proclaiming it is a NEW DAY
.  A time to walk out of darkness, a time to breath in the fresh clean morning air.  A time to start some things, maybe even re-start some things, a time to get a fresh perspective, fresh zeal and fresh excitement.

Don’t wait until tomorrow morning.  Stop what you are doing right now and thank the Lord that you don’t have to stay the same way, in the same place, doing the same things forever.  Stand and declare “It is a NEW DAY”!!